About Us

The NWT Anti-Poverty initiative is one piece in the team effort to build healthy and flourishing communities.  This work happens in homes, on the land, in schools, towns, cities, nationally and internationally – in the fabric of daily life and in policy and government decisions.

The NWT Anti-Poverty initiative has two specific activities – the Fund and the Roundtable – and we also work to coordinate, assist and publicize related initiatives and research. Learn more about our collective efforts in the May 2015 report Working Together: Action Plan to Reduce and Eliminate Poverty in the Northwest Territories.

  • The Anti-Poverty Fund is a pool of money to support projects - $1 million distributed annually.  Read more about how to apply here and the great projects funded in the previous years here.
  • The Annual Roundtable is a chance for us to come together from across the territory and beyond, to learn from each other and share challenges and successes, to plan for the year ahead and to motivate each other.  Find our Roundtable Reports here.

For information about this year’s Roundtable, see Events page or contact the Anti-Poverty Advisor at anti-poverty@gov.nt.ca