Anti-Poverty Fund Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for funding?

  • Any organization or community government can apply for funding.
  • To receive funding you will need liability insurance. If you are an NGO you will need a letter of good standing from Corporate Registries.
  • Contact the Senior Advisor, Anti-Poverty if you have questions:

How much can I apply for?

  • The Anti-Poverty Fund is $1 million annually.  There is no maximum or minimum funding limit for individual projects.
  • Funded amounts are determined based on factors such as the size, scope, and reach of the project or initiative, as well as the number of partners involved.  

What kinds of projects receive funding?

  • Projects must be tied to one or more of the Territorial Anti-Poverty Strategy Pillars.  These are:
    • Pillar 1: Child and Family Support
    • Pillar 2: Healthy Living and Reaching our Potential
    • Pillar 3: Safe and Affordable Housing
    • Pillar 4: Sustainable Communities
    • Pillar 5: Integrated Continuum of Services
  • Projects vary depending on the community or region they are located in and the need they are trying to address.

What are the funding timelines?

  • Applications to the Anti-Poverty Fund must be received by January 31, 2019
  • Applications will be notified of the status of their application between March and April of each year, and funding agreements will be distributed between April and June of each year. 
  • Funding is allocated based on the fiscal year, which starts on April 1 of each year, and finishes on March 31 of each year.
  • Interim financial statements should be submitted by October 31 of each year, at which time the second and final payment will be released.
  • Final project reporting should be submitted by May 30 of each year.
  • Templates for financial reporting and project summary reporting are available.

Who makes decisions on the application?

  • A multi-stakeholder committee reviews the proposals and makes recommendations to the Minister of Health and Social Services.
  • Following review of each recommendation, the Minister makes funding decisions.

How will I know whether my application has received funding?

  • Each applicant receives a letter detailing of the results of their application.

What should be included in my application?

How can I apply?

What is required of successful applicants?

  • Successful applicants are required to submit financial and project activity reports at the conclusion of their projects, or annually for each year that they receive funding.
  • Financial and activity report templates are provided to help successful applicants submit their reports. Click to download in MSWord format Narrative Reporting Template and Financial Reporting Template.
  • Successful applicants may also be invited to participate in the Annual Anti-Poverty Round Table, and provide feedback on their experience to others working on poverty reduction.

Who can I contact for more information?

  • The Territorial Anti-Poverty Initiative is supported by the GNWT. GNWT’s support for the initiative is housed in the Department of Health and Social Services, and led by Indigenous Health and Community Wellness Division.  Contact the Senior Advisor, Anti-Poverty at

Anti-Poverty Fund Application Process 

  • Applications for the Anti-Poverty Fund must be received by January 31. 
  • All applications should be submitted using the Online Anti-Poverty Fund Application Form, or the MSWord Anti-Poverty Fund Application Form, which is available on this website.
  • There are three sections to the application, each of which must be fully completed:
    • Funding Application
    • Project Information
    • Project Budget
  • The form can be submitted online via this website, by email to, or by mail at:

    Anti-Poverty Initiative
    c/o Department of Health and Social Services
    Box 1320
    Yellowknife, NT  X1A 2L9
  • Successful projects must have general liability insurance. Non-profit organizations must also have a letter of good standing from Corporate Registries. Be prepared to submit this documentation if your application is successful.