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E.g., 25 Sep 2018

Project Proposal

  • Your goal is your long-term vision. It is a simple statement that describes the overall change that you want to see happen.
  • Your goal should demonstrate action towards the reduction of poverty; support one or more priorities in Building on the Strengths of Northerners: A Strategic Framework Toward the Elimination of Poverty in the NWT; promote involvement at the community level, and/or raise awareness of the root cause of poverty
How many of each target group will participate? Example: single parent families, seniors, people with disabilities, low-waged or seasonal workers, people with mental health and addictions issues, adults with low literacy levels
  • Objectives describe what your project hopes to achieve in the short term. Your project might have one or more objectives. Describe each objective
  • Activities describe what happens during your project to achieve the objectives. Each objective may have one or more activities

Project Planning

Project Budget

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